The Company

What started as a way to mentor & educate, became an amazing opportunity to do so much more! The Sassy N Smaht Mama Network started as a way to empower, educate, & mentor people who were trying to provide for their families. From network marketing to affiliate marketing, we helped hundreds of people learn and grow.

When the pandemic hit, we hustled, relentlessly joining programs to get essentials like masks and sanitizer for our members. Ultimately everyone came together as a community to get more than 30,000 people the things they needed to survive.

We have only grown from there! The Sassy N Smaht Network consists of many different platforms and resources. We join people together everyday with niche interests and educate anyone willing to learn! With 2 Facebook Certified Community Managers on the team, we are uniquely qualified to facilitate the growing demands of social media. We work with brands to get their products seen in our Savings Facebook groups, as well as small businesses who advertise in our Advertise and Sell group. We also have communities specifically for the discussion of DIY & Crafts, as well as all things Beauty & Makeup related. Discord, Instagram, Telegram, and email marketing are also among our network’s platforms.

Our Mission:

To provide a network for everyone; joining people together everyday and offering a platform for niche interests and education