Sassy Gives Back

In order for us to continue our free services, any and all donations will be used to give back and assist us in supporting our volunteers, teams, and members.

We are known for many things but mainly, our Sassy Gives Back Program.
Started in 2018, the program was created to highlight our members and show them off to the world. It grew to so many variances and we are proud to be able to help or put smiles on everyone’s face everyday!


  • We hold daily, weekly, and monthly giveaways.
  • We run a Sassy N’ Smaht Discord Channel. This is a public community and we would love for you to get on our server.Within that server we have private exclusive channels for our Sassy Elites VIP’s. Every month, we add 30 or more of our community members to this channel. We provide them special personalized free services in anything that we are qualified in. We recently just guided one of our members to help them get their Facebook Account back! We were able to guide them through the process of verifying themselves and after years of being left in the dark, this member was happy to report it worked!
  • Successfully held 10+ fundraisers on Facebook donating to various charities. A couple to mention, The Massachusetts Nursing Association & The American Red Cross
  • Should we see a member struggling, or saying something that eludes to them not being able to afford something, we connect and donate cash, clothing, food deliveries, and more. These members are vetted and are honest and not looking to gain.
  • We directly sponsor those who want to learn. We pay them a monthly stipend, they learn while working with us, and branch out. This is all funded by the network alone.