What They Have to Say about the Founder

Monique has always been a very knowledgeable and patient mentor and leader. Her unique experience and background makes her a powerful force in the marketing and business world.
Meagaen Loosemore

Pinterest Account Manager

I have been in the business world for nearly 40 years. It is without reservation or hesitation that I offer this recommendation of the multi-skilled Monique Nassar! She has a special talent for seeing all aspects of any particular area of concern, be it a customer service issue, technical problem or a glitch in production. Once she takes ownership, there is virtually nothing to keep her from exceeding expectations, achieving and surpassing goals and making any situation better and brighter than before she was involved.

We share a unique trait as Northeastern University graduates in Business, 20 something years apart. I see in Monique the same zeal and energy I had early in my career. Comfortable now in my own path, it is refreshing to see someone of the next generation with ethics, drive, a sense of fairness and a determination to succeed personally and professionally. Monique is that someone. Reflecting on my 13 years with Anton’s, Monique has, by far, been the best manager and co-worker I have seen. She brings her absolute best through the door each day and knows that tomorrow, she will bring in even better.

Heidi Waddell

Owner and Tailor, Heidi Sews!

I had the pleasure of working with Monique during a period of rapid transition and growth at Quantia Communications. During this time we established the reporting and analytics infrastructure that would support Quantia’s ever-growing need for strategic insights.

Throughout this time, Monique proved herself to be an excellent collaborator and an astonishingly hard-working individual. Her energy, drive and focus seem truly boundless, and she has an eviable ability to learn new processes, techniques and theory quickly.

Monique excells at communiticating with project stakeholders at all levels of the organization and achieving alignment between stakeholders and strategy on any given project. She has a strong commitment to the performance of the organization and the ongoing improvement of the team and each of its members

I highly recommend Monique to any organization that seeks a competent, adaptable and driven individual. Give her a challenge and the appropriate resources, and she will never fail to impress you.

Scott Lyman

Head of Analytics, BookBub