Meet Some of our

Community Members


This week we want to say thank you and recognize: Dee! 💛

Dee has been with us for over a year. She has been a huge help to the admins and other members since day 1! She invites her friends, keeps us laughing, and makes everyone’s day better just by being there.

Dee is an active member in the deals groups as well as the Sassy N’ Smaht business page. She has a talent for crafting, especially Sublimation!

“Since I been in this group I made some great friends and also everyone here are so quick to help each other out! Great groups to be in that’s why I invite my friends to the groups.” -Dee

Thank you so much for being such an awesome member of the Sassy N’ Smaht Network!!


Dolly was invited to the Sassy Network less than a month ago. In that short amount of time she has wiggled her way into the admin team’s hearts! She’s quick to make us smile and knows just how to make a bad day into a great one. Since she lives just down the road from Meg, she sneaks little sloth gifts into Meg’s mailbox ❤

Dolly is an active member in the deals groups as well as Little Pinup Pretties. Her talent is making anyone she meets feel loved!

“The people are so friendly and there to help you out with anything.”What can we say about this adorable picture! Yesenia and her adorable boy love being a part of Sassy. She often comments that “she doesn’t want to miss anything”. She is in most of our communities on and off of Facebook. She has helped many by posting, engaging, and really getting to know the members.

Recently, we took Yesenia on to be one of our interns! How exciting!

Without her humor and positive nature the communities would be truly sad. We are so happy to have her a part of our network!


Is passionate, driven, and loves her business! She is one of the funniest people we know and makes us smile everyday. Her nail designs and products are top quality and we at Sassy support her 100%!

Aside from that, she is a loving mother, kind friend, and all around great person. It has been a pleasure getting to know her!

Checkout her business here:


She is a devoted and hard working Fur-Mamma of 7, Aunty of two nephews, and helps care for her father at home. Her mother is her best friend and they love spending time together.

Heather also has an impressive resume! She has an Associates of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Forensics! WOW!

Even with her busy schedule, she makes time for us all in the community and also works as an independent consultant for Thirty-One! She has a great team and has been doing this for 5 years now. She loves her team and helping them achieve their own success goals! Check out her business here:


She is a mother, grandmother and wife who loves life and never takes anything or anyone for granted. Tina has stated that she “Lives each day like it is a blessing and gift. Tina is supportive, happy, friendly, and truly cares about the community. She goes above and beyond to provide support and make us feel special every day.

We couldn’t live without her happy “Good Morning Everyone!”


Sarah describes herself as a mom, wife, nerd and resident weirdo. With a passion for all things creative. She loves to read, write and create all things. When she’s not tending to the needs of her family and home, you can find her with her hands in the dirt, tending to plants; or elbow deep in some sort of creative medium, crafting something unique. If not there, you’re sure to find her with her nose in a book or eyeing deals in her favorite group.

Sarah has an incredible heart and an eye for creating unique and handmade products. She is our own resident “Sassy Gear” creator. She has made us custom keychains, pop sockets, and even logos! Her talent is second to none. We urge you to check out her art here.