Monique Renee

Founder & CEO, Facebook Certified Community Manager

“Be you, be genuine, be amazing, live Sassy” – is my slogan and I truly believe those words!

I am a Business Intelligence professional that has strong marketing skills with a Social Media
Influencer impact. I often joke that I am a “Jack of all trades”! Data driven decision making enables
me to have an edge in an industry saturated with competition. I work with multiple platforms at one
time and understand how they work technically and logistically.

The Sassy N’ Smaht Network (formerly, Sassy N Smaht Mamma) is a network of online communities
run by community managers. Years ago, Social Media was a hobby for me. I loved mentoring others
online and teaching them about marketing strategy, algorithmic behaviors, and how to grow. What
was once a loved pastime, turned into a fruitful business based on community. I registered the
network as a business in January 2019. I was able to monetize myself and the business while
providing employment during the pandemic.

In 2009, I was offered a position with a new startup company. After years working in big corp., I took
a chance and accepted the offer. I was 1 out of 6 employees. Any fear that I may have had, was
instantly replaced with excitement. In essence, this was a community. A small team working on a
large goal. As a new company with limited funds, we wore many hats. I taught myself SQL in one
weekend, built their BI Platform utilizing Pentaho (open source), and became the Managing Director
of a reporting team managing multiple departments and employees. I mention this role specifically
because it was life changing. I found my passion.

As of September 2021, I was found and sponsored to take the Facebook Certified Community
Manager exam and passed. Due to my prior training, my lead community manager for the network
nearly aced the exam! She became certified in October 2021.

Additionally, I was recognized by Facebook this year and am part of their exclusive Leaders
Network for small business.

I am a wife and working “mamma” to 2 beautiful boys aged 3 & 4! We love crafts, reading, and
cooking together!