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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

If you are an Amazon shopper and do not utilize the Subscribe & Save option, you need to read this!

Do you often browse Amazon and find item’s that have a subscribe to save option? Does the word “subscribe” scare you? It did for me at first!? With my crazy life, how can I remember a subscription? I initially thought it was something I had to pay for! That’s what a subscription means right? Technically, yes. The difference here is that you are subscribing to receive products delivered to your home, on a schedule, with no additional cost for the service!🎉

In fact, you are being rewarded if you choose to subscribe.

Right now you can receive up to 15% off when you have 5 products being delivered to your home in the same auto shipment. Additionally, categories like: diapers, baby food and more will save you an extra 20% off! TWENTY PERCENT! That is in addition to any sale, or coupons that the products may have on them!!

You can cancel your auto shipment any time after the items ship! No charges, no hassle, all from one page in your account! Everything ships free, the service is free, and there are no penalties to cancel. If you do not have 5 products being shipped in one auto delivery, you still get an extra 5% off the item!! Sometimes, you will see a 40% off coupon for specific items on a promotion! The savings here are huge!!!

Read to save BIG!🙌🙌

👉👉For example, check out the coupons page on Amazon here: Coupons you may see 40% off Baby formula. If you click into that product, you will see an additional option to save up to 15% more off that item! These coupons are typically for first time subscribers to a product.

The 3pk of Go & Grow by Similac is on sale for 76.90. Clip the 40% off coupon to subscribe to that product, you will see the extra 5-15% off on the same page. Add to cart, and from there you will see that you are receiving this item for 60% off the sale price if u have 5 other products on your delivery. Otherwise, you are still receiving 45% off the total amount! Incredible right?

If you have AMEX or Discover credit card, add your card to your account. Currently, there is a 40% off promotion for AMEX cardholders and a 20% off promotion for Discover cardholders, if you use just one penny of your rewards!!! Add the card to your account and activate the rewards here: Activate It may take 24-48 hours to display on your account, but take advantage now as this is a limited time offer! End’s 6/30/2020.

The options are endless. When you combine all of these savings with current coupon promotions like, Save $10.00 when you add $35.00 worth of Household products. Or Save $20.00 when you add $100.00 worth of Baby items; Diapers, formula, skincare and more! The savings just stack up! See it all discounted in your cart!🤯

Let me know in the comments if you would like scenarios to show you how this works! I love saving money, and I love showing you how to save big!!! It is there for the taking, now take it and take all of those savings straight to the bank!!!

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