Second guessing the Ring Video doorbell? Look what I caught on video!

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

My delivery driver threw my box on the porch like a rag doll!

Ever wonder why your package is damaged?

Missing packages?

Damaged property?

Stolen items?

After dealing with more than one issue in the past, we decided to test out the Video doorbells everyone was raving about!

Upon downloading the Ring app, I was instantly hooked🙌. The app tells you about your neighbors, what's happening in and outside of town, and keeps you update with staying safe!

This is a view of our very first Ring Video Doorbell! The video speaks for itself!

Thanksgiving week, we captured our delivery man throwing our package on the porch. Nothing was damaged thankfully, but how rude!

I heard a "clunk". By the time I went to go see where the sound came from, no one was there. I hopped on the Ring app and immediately saw what happened. This episode is nothing compared to what we have captured in the past!

Add some security to your life. Invest in the Ring devices, they work. They are reliable, affordable, and gives you the security you need.

Do you own a Ring device? Tell me your experience in the comments below 👇!

I would love to hear all of your stories!!

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