Sassy's Squad: Apply now to be a brand ambassador!

Sassy is building our SQUAD!

Do you LOVE being a part of the Sassy Communities?! If so, we want you!

1. Referral Marketing Opportunity: Brand Ambassador

  • Are you a content creator? (ex: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, or the like)

  • Do you love this Network and want to represent our brand?

  • Are you a gamer or streamer on Twitch or the like?

  • Have you shared us in the past, posted item's you received and loved, or continuously refer your friends to us?! Had an influx of your friends or followers join our network?

If any of those have you screaming "YES" then this is the opportunity for you!

Our true and loyal fans will have the opportunity to be considered first. These people currently represent our brand without even knowing it! We want to pay you for that love now!

2. Helpers:

In addition, we are seeking a small group of people who would like to assist us on all platforms informally. These people would be "helpers" details discussed after selections to proceed have been made.


Anyone can apply for consideration, must be eligible according to the opportunities posted! Please provide the information in full before hitting submit.

Apply here!

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