Stimulus Bill 2 Announcement! What does it mean for you?!

The new Corona Relief package was announced this week! Under the new proposal, a second round of checks will be sent out, similar to the first round with an exception. The new proposal states that it will in fact include dependants over the age of 17.

Stimulus Checks: The first round of checks were mailed or deposited for $1,200.00 per eligible person (basically, if you submitted your 2019 tax returns you need not do anything, it will auto send) + 500 per dependant child under the age of 17.

  • Under the new proposal, it will INCLUDE your college kids and elderly dependants making more people eligible to receive the extra $500.00.

If the bill is passed by 8/7/2020, payment can be expected as close as 13 days later.

If the bill does not pass by the 7th, it is likely we will see the 2nd wave of checks in October.

  • There may be other benefits to those that are: unemployed, schooling, or own a business.

Unemployment: The $600.00 Pandemic/Unemployment weekly extra payments that ended on 7/25, will reinstate, but at a lesser amount. Again, I am not 100% sure at the moment, but $400.00 is what I am finding to be proposed.

As of now, there has been no decisions made.

I wish you all happiness, safety, and health! I know my state will most likely close down again soon, it's a sad world we are living in, but guess what? WE HAVE EACH OTHER to get US through it. 😍 IF you like things like this post, let me know in the comments. Hopefully this provides some relief to those that need it. Of course we are here anytime should you need any kind of support! WERE all in this together

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