Combining Q+Q for P.P 🤨


You may be looking at this title and wondering what on earth does it mean? Stick with me! Learning a new Marketing Strategy may assist you with various goals!

There have been many questions regarding Persona Profiles (P.P 😉) This is a powerful marketing strategy used in various case scenarios. This can have various levels of complexity, hoping a basic explanation with examples will assist.


What is it? – How do you create one? – Do I need it?

Let’s stick to Facebook groups/communities and how P.P’s can assist you in marketing strategy.

Persona Profile(s) are fictitious characters that are used to define and represent a segment of your community. You can have more than one P.P and can use them for various needs. Please note, these are not actual people.

Utilizing Qualitative or Quantitative data will allow you to define important key metrics needed to build out your persona profile(s). However, combining both methods can strongly define an accurate representation of your community (Q+Q). You can use this information for specific campaigns, brand pitches, or content creation!


Start with research.


Qualitative: The process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting non numerical data. Collecting qualitative data can include but not limited to; opinions on posts, reviews given, interviews, photo’s, & text. These examples don’t have percentages or numbers, they are subjective and/or difficult to measure numerically. *Refer to Word Cloud Example image. Word Clouds are a great way to visually represent Qualitive Data*

Quantitative: The process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting numerical data. Utilize group insights to gain information on key metrics like number of members & demographics. Gather data on post reaction counts and popular days/times! Group insights contain readily available information utilizing charts and graphs. These insights can be customized or downloaded for further analysis.

Think about why this would be important information to have for your communities.

Still with me? GREAT! 🏆


Why do you need Persona Profiles? Why do you need these insights?

Data driven decision making is gold. Here are 2 examples for you to consider:

P.P’s can be used to assist you in monetizing your community. If you are planning to make a pitch to a specific brand, ensuring you are representing your community accurately will prove successful. Sending a link to your group or relaying the large count of members in your group isn’t going to work. You need solid information as a result of data analysis and research to provide the “proof”. Using P.P’s is just 1 method that can assist you in your whole approach. We can discuss brand collaboration in another post.

Learn your community and create content that will assist you in target marketing for growth or awareness. You can run analytics to update your P.P’s as the community grows and times change. Keeping yourself apprised as to who represents your community will keep you ahead of the game on various levels. We can delve deeper into the different variations of persona profiles and how they are used in marketing, products, or consumer needs if needed.


Persona Profile Examples


Refer to Image 1: This image shows a fictitious person that represents the majority of a community. This person is middle aged, female, has children, and lives in the US. Her favorite topic of discussion is caring for her infant. She spends a lot of time on Facebook and loves pets too!

Refer to Image 2: This image represents 2 segments of a community. In this visual representation, are you easily able to distinguish a general summary? City buildings tells us a bit about demographics. Based on their presentation, 1 person appears to work in an office, while the other in construction. Looks to me like this groups contains members who work in the city in different industries but have a commonality.

Are you able to grasp the majority of members based on these 2 visual examples with ease?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this so far! If you find this interesting or would like to add to this post, please do! Let’s discuss more in the comments ❤